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turkish hazelnuts

The Snack and Nut Company is a key intermediary between trade partners all over the world and the Turkish markets. We assist and generate international business for both small and large organizations, providing a range of custom-made business and product development services for achieving success in all kinds of products. We provide our customers with exclusive sales, marketing and supply chain insights to help develop and surge business prospects.

The Snack and Nut Company aims an international reputation for innovation and quality in the exporting and marketing of Turkish commodities to the world and importing European Union commodities to Turkey.

The Snack and Nut Company is a modern face in Turkish Healthy Snacks and Nuts Market, conducting two-way trading activity in many countries worldwide but mostly specialising on European Union. Our traders are skilled in all aspects of commodity markets, local and international trade. When you partner with us you benefit from our experience, network and sound business management. Our traders operate at the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Turkish Cotton Candy, Pişmaniye

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